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Working closely with Hawkins Brown Architects i-Design helped create a bespoke set of student furniture for their client, Campus Living Villages, working under a design and build contract for The Byrne Group. 

i-Design were able to suggest a number of design solutions that reduced the overall costs of the project and also allowed over 60 kitchens and 300 bedrooms sets  to be installed in a six week period.

Again birch ply was the material of choice for the student furniture but this time its surface was lacquered showing off the beautiful grain of the birchwood.  

‘After a successful 2016 in which i-Design proved they could manufacture, deliver and install a high volume of furniture under a tight timeline, we are delighted to announce that i-Design are now part of our team for the 2017 phase at Goldsmiths University.’ 

Darren Taylor, Contracts Manager, Ellmer Construction 

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