Goldsmiths University

i-Design Installation Team

All 26 kitchens and 150 bedroom sets for Goldmiths University have now been manufactured in our  Rutland workshops and the first two containers containing all of the installation kits arrived on-site last week.  i-Design’s experienced fitting team will now be responsible for all of the kitchen and bedroom installations which will be completed over the…

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Containers for Goldsmiths

Lorry with two containers at i-Design workshops

Two 20 foot containers have recently arrived at the i-Design workshops. Into these containers we will be flat packing all the Goldsmiths kitchen and bedroom furniture and then transporting the protected shrink wrapped panels and kits down to Goldsmiths University in July.   Our installation team will then be able to assemble, and install each…

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Goldsmiths in 2017

Having completed more than 300 bedrooms and 50 kitchens at Goldsmiths in two short months last summer we are delighted to have won the contract for 2017. We have already started working with Hawkins Brown and Ellmer Construction on the new designs which will see us creating 150 new bedrooms sets and 30 kitchens over…

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